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.:Soмзтнιиğ Moяε:.

Because this can't be all there is.

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Because this can't be all there is.
This is basically a community where we can openly talk about anything and everything fantastical. But there's a catch. We wouldn't be discussing these things in terms of fiction...but rather observe them as tentative reality.

Because honestly, no one can say without a shadow of a doubt that something does not exist. Our knowledge of this vast universe is so infinitesimally small that, in the end, even our brightest minds know next to nothing.

Dissenters and skeptics are welcome to the discussions as well, with only one condition: keep it civil. Everyone is free to believe what they want to believe. So anyone looking to troll the community shouldn't waste their time here, as it will not be tolerated.

And that's the gist of it. So speak freely; you're among friends.